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 What is the star WhatsApp 🔎

A modified WhatsApp application developed, modified, and added features and features required by WhatsApp users

What distinguishes WhatsApp star?

Against urban and problem-free, it was developed in a way that makes it compatible with all modern devices so that it gives the user comfort when using color and smoothness and gives the user the freedom to change colors and icons and activate privacy options with ease

What is the protection of WhatsApp star?

It was checked and re-audited in the next used codes and removed the malicious code and village and made it safe for the user and more secure for information and chats

✅ About the alarm base

WhatsApp star is a modified app from the latest version released by WhatsApp

 Number of copies 🔢

There are three versions pink, burgundy and blue

With this application you may dispense with all other copies

A Q W h a t s A p p

    What's new in Whatsapp star    

  1. Added the option to delete messages after one year from the date of sending
  2. Notice of viewing the personal photo
  3. An option to display messages sent to each member of the group
  4. Option to view deleted messages
  5. Add an auto reply feature
  6. Add message scheduling feature
  7. Mark @ crown to see who mentioned you in the group
  8. Download packages from the top option as before
  9. Vesat serious for WhatsApp
  10. Shortcut to the privacy option on the home screen
  11. Other repair and improvement


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